What kind of mounts is everyone using for Go Pros?


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I have a Go Pro 1 camera that I want to use to take some footage from inside my TRs. Thing is I want to mount it somewhere as to get the dash and through the windshield. Does anyone have any ideas? It will be on the street so I will not be wearing a helmet...........................? :snaphappy:


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How about using the suction cup mount, and sticking it on the inside of your driver door window, and angling it towards your dash? Not sure how that would work for getting the dash and a through the windshield view, but it may be worth a try. There's also a headband mount.


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I have thought about the headband mount, but really don't want to look like a tool while driving my TR........lol :LOL:


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Suction cup mount on the rear window facing forward, just far enough to the passenger side to show what you want of the dash.
X2 on the suction cup for the rear window. We took mine out Saturday in my buddies sbc s10. Got a decent shot from the rear window....

ImageUploadedByTurboBuick Mobile1397485253.475482.jpg

This is a nice shot too...


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I have used the suction cup mount on the roof and truck lid facing backwards to capture chute opening which is cool and used the roll bar mount and all have worked very well.


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The best mount I have for mine actually looks like a large zip tie. I bought it on Amazon for 8 bucks. It works for anything.. I put it on the soccer goal at my kid's games, their bicycle etc..


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i lost one off a dog collar in the field. But if you have a wifi remote it will only connect within 50 ft or so so you can narrow it down