What happens when a Buick shows up at a Porche club track day?


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I know I haven't posted much using the Buick on track this year, so I dug into the archives and stitched together this little ditty.

Enjoy, and feel free to pull it out whenever you run into somebody that says these are garbage on a track with turns.


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as always, well done Andrew...back in Summer 2018, I think you were still cornering on three wheels...before you achieved long sought after success of planting the inside front tire. now the track times are even more impressive:D


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My gut reaction was that a lot of feelings get hurt and after watching the video....... BOOYAH SUCKERS!!

I actually got in trouble at that event. There was a situation I haven't posted publicly where I was backed up behind three or four cars going onto the front straight. I had people behind me, everybody going WOT coming out of turn 10... when suddenly the people in front moved right, off line, and slammed on their brakes. But they didn't point anybody by.

So I sailed by them. They chewed me out for passing without a point-by. Yet, had I also slammed on the brakes, I could have cause a crash. There were some interesting mental gymnastics going on with them because they had to scold me for passing without a point-by (which PCA has a strict passing policy, which I readily admit I violated in that instance), even though I likely prevented a chain-reaction crash.

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We did something similar, to a bunch of Cobra guys!
We built a stage 2 powered Cobra Factory 5 replica.
Took it to one of their "Club" events. It was a road and drag day.
Anyway, my bud, Bob, wore their collective asses OUT!
BBF, SBF, real, fake, it didn't matter.
We were asked not to come back... BUT, it's only a lil V sicks.
A 274", odd fire, 4 speed, and a dyno tuned 500 @ the crank.
Granny shifting it's mid/low 10's.
Some of you older guys may have seen it at Reynolds.
A fun day!


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Great video! I have had more fun over the last 46 years of track events with my Buicks and my 04 CTS-V than any other cars. Going by expensive
stuff is SO fun. When I had a '07 ZO6 with a Katech engine and lots of other expensive stuff I still passed a lot of people but it wasn't nearly as much fun as blasting by in a '70 Skylark, with an automatic trans and rear drum brakes. The Porsche guys were very sad.