What do you do for a living?

Otto J

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Own my own Custom Cabinet Shop.
Family Business started by my grandfather in
the early 60s


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I work for Toshiba repairing copiers and printers. Also I own my own window tint shop for 10 years. I do the tinting at night and Saturdays.



Self employed- we cut tubing for the automotive industries, various O.D. sizes and lenghts, knurling,serrations, grooving,inner-beading, etc.
last year we cut over 14 million tubes, :eek:


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Just a lawn mower mechanic. Sell and service mostly commercial mowers. Nothing to big but it pays the bills and feeds more money than I could ever dream of into the GN.


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Divisional Analyst for AutoZone. My particular area is the North East which covers parts of SC all the way to Maine including from Ohio to the east coast. We currently have 700+ store in my market.