What did you do to your GN today?

Put on some new go slow parts


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wondered if this site had one of these threads....

Friday i swapped the Autometer boost gauge for a Vac/Boost gauge,
Today i bought new 6x9's for the rear, which then led to installing the new to me GM EQ sytle radio, which led to complete rewire of all radio connections, which led to pulling dash panel to get to front speakers, then the door panels to get to the CS2 door speakers and trace their wiring. Wired the front speakers in series to double the ohm load,....
Next will be to install a keyless entry....


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Over the past two weeks I did the following:

Had the intercooler pipes powdercoated matte black crinkle finish, changed the timing chain, put it back together only to see the oil slinger sitting on the ground. Take it back apart and install slinger. Discover oil leak after putting it all back together. Buy new timing cover gaskets. Do the job again only to discover the timing cover cracked when it hung up on the dowel pin. Get it welded up. Install HRPARTS&STUFF motor mounts. Reinstall timing cover and new S hose.
Discover the new motor mounts pushed the downpipe into the body seam. Flatten body seam and then heat and beat the downpipe as a last resort.
The payoff was this cool weather and 30 pounds of boost on 93/alky with my new PTC convertor.


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That's the kinda luck i have doing shit. LOL I find if i didn't end up doing the job twice the first time, it just means i still need to redo it. :rolleyes:


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Going to finish installing my Alky kit today then get started on my double pumper installation


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Did these this week.

Installed new Autolite 103 spark plugs gapped at a tight .032''

Installed a new Hayden adj. cooling fan controller. Works great $35.00 with a lifetime warranty at O'Reilly auto parts.

Removed vac. block replaced connecting hoses with silicone hoses and secured them with wire ties,reinstalled after a little cleaning/polishing.

Removed old Turbonetics manual 10 psi boost controller and installed a new Turbonetics manual 50 psi boost controller.

Installed a new crank sensor.

Removed and cleaned/polished KB valve covers to replace the gaskets, i bought a set of ROL cork valve cover gaskets off ebay for $5.35 shipped.

While i had the valve covers off i decided to readjust the T&D roller rockers and set preload from 1/2 turn to 3/4 turn.

While i had the engine at #1 TDC on the compression stroke i rotated the engine to 25 degrees after TDC and installed my new Standard brand cam sensor assy. i bought off ebay about 3 years ago for $139.00 shipped just never got around to installing it until now,and it seemed like the perfect time.I set the cam sensor and added another 1/8 to 1/4 turn engine started right up and should be good to go for awhile.


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This weekend I replaced a leaky Power Steering Pump. Drove it for a day and now the Alternator bearing is squealing like a pig. Will have to replace bearings when i have time. :(


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Put a new tensioner pulley on the GN this week. Also a new serpentine belt. Had to put the stock alternator back on, as the LT1 unit got damaged. Put the bracket back on too. No bad noises now. Drove two hours away, made 487rwhp on the dyno, drove it home. ScanMaster is dead, dont know whats up with it. Works then dies, then comes back. No idea. I'll look into it this week.


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Used some Autosol on the aluminum value covers, pullies, intercooler pipes, heater box plate, intake spacer and throttle body.

Then pulled out some fine sandpaper and cleaned up my downpipe and followed up with some Neverdull polish.


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Just got done installing a new and different vacuum block that i bought off ebay. I had to find and order connecting fittings and vacuum hoses and they arrived today, i didn't have a gasket so i bought some Fel-Pro gasket material from Autozone and made one.This vac. block is made with 3 ports on each side and gives plenty of space to put the hoses on and zip tie them. The ports are threaded for use with AN fittings or 1/8 NPT fittings.


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Did fuel return line O ring, new silicone S hose, drilled thermostat, painted the t-stat bell & it's clamp while out, & replaced the t-stat O ring while at it. Switching stainless bolts that hold on the front braces to black for a more factory appearance, replaced the door lock pulls, re-wrapped some sensor wires with the correct factory electrical tape, found BRAND NEW oem factory correct spare tire but in 27 instead of 26 inch tire height, and replaced the two threaded trunk lid bumpers.