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Hey folks, I recently purchased an 86 T-type WH1. I am curious as to how rare the car is with the options it has. T-tops, pillow top leather, high console, and column shift. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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That's an awesome looking TB..I've always loved that paint scheme..Congratulations...Is it stock for the most part?

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'86 was the last year for the WH1 and the only year with an intercooler. I can't remember the exact number, but less then 500 were made that year. None were made in '87. However, I believe it was over 2K that were made in years prior...

Not the most rare model out there, but up there! Also, only non-GN that came factory with the spoiler.


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Thanks for the info, wish I could find production #'s with the pillow top leather, column shift and T-TOP. All are factory according to the RPO tag.
Replaced the tired sagging coils, fuel pump and hoitwire kit installed, spring cleaning done. Runs like a 64k mile TB should now. Scanmaster, 160 stat, 10mm wires, adjustable FP regulator, boost gauge, FP gauge and boost controller on the way. TT chip/injectors are next. Already have a file and a huge box of all factory parts including the wheels/caps. Replacing the T-top metal this week. Slowly coming together. Paint and bumper fillers this winter.

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Nice looking WH1. I've been into T Types,etc. since 1987 and have encountered and /or seen only 15 cars with the leather seats. So, yes , it is rare. I added the same seats with the console and stored the orig. seats. I am now on my 7th Turbo car, an '86 WH1 with 17,000 original miles. I am the 3rd and 5th owner and the only one who hasn't used it as a race car. Be sure to add all the body mounts as bolt through cushions and I recommend a K-B style back seat brace from the Tin Man (586-399-2410) to prevent the lower windshield separation and upper rear cracks developing. I have had excellent results with a Bob Bailey chip from Full Throttle Speed with stock cam and injectors. Spot on ; no tuning. I had to re chip with 208/208 cam ,Champion ported heads and used TT chip. slight tuning , but Eric was most helpful.