went to the track


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well last friday i went to the track and found most of my weak spot in the drivetrain. It was my first time on slicks and it was a horrible experience to say the least lol. My first run was 16 psi, 19* street chip and my good ol nittos.

60ft 1.94 0# launch
330--- 5.133
1/8--- 7.83
mph---- 90.69
1000---- 10.186
1/4---- 12.177
mph---- 112.76

i ran a few more very similar times getting used to getting the car down the track again( rebuilt motor after cracked head if anybody remembers)

my first run with slicks i found out that the pads i recently put on were horrible for holding the car whether it be for a burnout or trying to launch with boost.

My best 60 ft on 28x9 hoosier slicks was a spinning 1.83 on a 1 psi launch. Anymore and the car would creep. I spun because the tires were not well heated at all after the brakes wouldn't hold me for the burn out. my 1/8 was a 7.61 at 92.8 and not wanting to get kicked off for no cage i slammed the brakes at the 1000 ft mark and ran a 12.005 at 94.5. this was 21 psi and the same chip It went down hill after that, with all my 60s being in the 1.9-2.0 range.

I did manage a 11.99 at 114.8 on 23 psi but the car was hot lapped and didn't show much power gain. I was throughly disappointed in my 60s. I guess the mph is healthy as i was not locking the TC and it was 85* and 100% humidity that night. Enough excuses i guess. I ordered a boxing kit for the lowers, s10 rear wheel cylinders and a pair of airbags and i am going to go get some soft organic shoes and pads and make sure the system is bled correctly.
I will be back out on sunday to see if i can improve those 60 fts to low 1.60s like id like to see. Anybody have any other tips for holding boost and hooking up?


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Line-Lock so you can do a burnout without heating the rear brakes...Hot rear brakes won't hold good enough for a high boost launch.


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Line-lock for the burn-out. The bleeding process is the most important part. If done correctly you can hold 12# - 14# of boost with the stock type rear brake shoes and wheel cylenders - provided you have a line-lock for the burn-out and hold the brakes like this :mad: when spooling.


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thanks guys, yeah a line lock is in the plans in the future. I believe the biggest problem is worn out rear shoes and not properly bled brakes, they were never good after i replaced the powermaster, i was just too lazy to bleed them after the first time didnt do the job. I didn't really realize how good they could be until i went for a ride in my friends stock T and that thing stopped on a dime.