Weird shift problem


Shift Problem

The Trans in my 84 shifts great except for one problem with the 2-3 shift that only occurs at part throttle.

If I am 50% or more on the throttle, the shifts are great. They are firm and happen at the right time.

If less than 50% throttle, the trans always wants to shift from 2 to 3 at 23 MPH. The 1 – 2 shift varies depending on how much throttle is being applied, as it should. So at a very light throttle, a 2-3 shift at 23 may be appropriate but as the throttle pressure increases and the 1-2 shift point rises, the car may not reach 2nd gear until 21 or 22 mph and then it almost immediately upshifts to 3rd rather than staying in 2nd until some more appropriate speed like 30-35mph.

After you reach the point of the 1-2 shift point being above 23 mph, then the car shifts normally. As long at the 1-2 shift is below 23 then I have this problem with a premature upshift to 3rd.

The 3-4 shift is fine and converter lockup is also fine.

Any suggestions?


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How old is this trans? Over time the TV springs get weak or might not be set up correctly. The trans I have would be in 3rd by the time I got up to 20mph. The more throttle the quicker it would stack the shifts. I re did the TV valve and springs to get it to shift correctly. I would call one of the 200 guys on here and get their input. There's a lot going on in one of these.