Weight Reduction List

Here is my numbers of weight reductions as I weighed them. Haven't had a chance to go back on the scale again to verify total weight loss but some of these might be helpful to members thinking of shedding some weight.

Hooker exhaust 50lbs - RJC 4" single 25lbs
Hotchkis front sway bar 15lbs (Removed)
Switching to manual steering from power 23lbs total (all parts)
Switching to mopar master cylinder and aluminum mount (manual brakes) 8lbs
Radio and all speakers 10lbs
Stock to fiberglass hood (No struts) 28lbs
Stock to wilwood calipers 5lbs
Rear bumper supports struts to aluminum 8lbs (iceman racing style)
Front bumper supports struts to aluminum 9lbs
bumperetts chrome (5lbs total front and rear)
Fiberglass trunk 23lbs

Will be switching from springs, shocks and air bags to qa1 rear coilovers this weekend. Will see if it has any weight gains or losses.

A few other things were already done to the vehicle before I got it and are mostly on the list above.

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Pretty simple. Champion racing bracket. S10 manual steering box. I have no issues steering my car but I drive on skinnies on the front.



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Here is some recent stuff I did:

Al bumper supports and shims - 16lbs
Fiberglass front bumper - 33lbs
Fiberglass rear bumper - 35lbs
Strange front disc brakes - 22lbs
Fuel Cell 10gal - 15lbs
5 gallons less gas - 30lbs

With full cage, AC removed, Al heads, the car weighed 3465lbs with me in it a couple months ago. I also have other standard weight loss stuff such as fbody radiator, mini starter, insulation removed, no front sway bar, no spare tire, and Weld wheels. I also have TRZ tubular upper and lower front control arms.

Since then:
Rack and Pinion - 45lbs
Carbon Fiber hood - 30lbs
Fiberglass decklid - 23lbs
Hacked radiator support - 13.7lbs
Iceman tubular trans xmember - 9.5lbs
Door bars, speakers - 37.5lbs
Kirkey front seats - 31.4lbs
Rear seats - 29.6 lbs (don't plan on keeping them out but wanted to see)

Should weigh 3245.3lbs now.

In the works:
Strange rear disc brakes - 25lbs (estimated going from steel drums)
Emergency brake stuff - 15lbs (estimated)
33 spline axles - +10lbs (estimated)
Fiberglass doors with stock glass - 125lbs (less for me since door bars already removed)

Car should weigh 3115-3120 with me in it after this. I'm not a little guy either in the mid 200 #s. Car will easily be in the 2800s without driver.
I'm interested in weighing my car again after seeing your weight with listed reductions. My last track day weight was 3750 with me in the car in race weight (I'm close to 200) .

I have an aluminum rad, mini starter, tubular control arms etc, but never bothered weighing that stuff when I originally changed it. Didn't care as much back than. I really started to care about the weight after seeing my buddies fox body mustang weigh in almost 400lbs lighter with no weight reductions. It's only a 12.90 car but it just feels so much lighter to drive, so I started looking into some weight reductions.



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murphster, how does that carbon fiber hood look? Is it better than the fiberglass hood? I'm thinking about getting a hood but i don't want a wavy looking thing.


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Its a little wavy, but I knew that when I got it from a friend. Its on and looks good enough for my car, but really should be smoothed out for a better look. Its light though..


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What about the Battery? I see a small one in that sig.
I had that little guy for a while but it eventually went bad. It was an Odyssey PC545 at 11.5lbs. Worked well but not good in the cold. I moved the battery to the trunk and got a Sears Diehard Platinum P4 34/78DT. Its an AGM and a beast at around 50lbs and 880CCA. The Odyssey P1500 34-78 DT is the same battery. So no weight savings there....


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Those ugly ass stock 84=85 t type aluminum wheels are HEAVY! Weighed one today, got 26.5 lbs on a snap on refrigerant scale and compared it to an 86-87 style which was 17.5 lbs.

No one cares but had to post it somewhere....


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the CF hood was off my 86, was on car when i bought it in '04 so not sure of the source but i think it was made in Canada ,
hood was a bolt on and looked stock on underside with a fiberglass inner shell. car also had Token stock looking front and rear glass bumpers with the rub strip molded in
hood got a little wavy so replaced it with a kirban glass hood , kirbans hoods are bolt on and cheaper at 350 but have a simple box type support frame with a raw glass finish on underside and look nothing like stock

right now best looking glass hood out there is the hartline glass bolt on hood and it too looks stock on the underside and the weight isn't bad at around 25lbs with paint, and at $500 if you can pick it up its not bad

on decklids , the kirban decklid was a little bit of pain to get the fit right and doesn't look stock underneath but at 350 its not too bad on the wallet
the VFN decklid was more stock appearing on underside and cost was a little more but it wasn't the best fitting needing more work to get it somewhat acceptable
both seemed to weigh about the same as the vfn understructure being molded from stock would weigh more than the kirban but the VFN top surface was thinner , the kirban decklid had a thicker top surface , after working with both i would take the thicker top surface over the stock inner look but for now I'm still running stock decklids on my cars


I'm curious does anyone know the weight difference between the front aluminum bumper support and the export front bumper support??

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i think the aluminum is 7 or 8lbs ,
the brackets which was really two steel brackets a center bar(tube) and a plate to attach support the grille filler was about 5 lbs
for cheaper than the aluminum or the export you can just cut the steel support up into two brackets and even those can be lightened to under 4lbs
lightest would be cut the aluminum support into two brackets similar to the export