WANTED: New, Unused LH Drivers Side Rear Taillight Lens (Red)

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Apr 18, 2020
Hello Turbo World!

I am having trouble getting my hands on a LH Drivers side rear, red taillight lens from OER. I have ordered three from Classic Industries and all three have arrived warped along the bottom edge which is causing them to not fit squarely and straight on the housing. I have returned all three to Classic Industries and they tell me that they won't send me another one since three have been bad. It almost looks as if the bottom edge did not dry and warped up in the center. Explaining this to them wasn't easy, but I think they understood. In any case, I am hoping to find somebody with a brand new unit that is confirmed to fit perfectly on a housing that I can purchase. I am even willing to trade all of my old GM taillight parts for one, good, new OER lens.

I removed all parts from both sides of my taillights and am replacing with all new OER everything, housings, taillight and backup lenses, black trim, clips and restored screws from originals. Even the sockets are getting cleaned and new bulbs installed. The right-hand side is done and installed and looks fantastic and I have everything else for the left-hand side ready to go with the exception of finding a good LH, red lens.

I have attached pictures of my right-hand side all done looking great and some pictures of one of the three OER LH lenses that I have returned to CI showing the warp as best as I can.

If you have this part and want to sell...PLEASE HELP!

Thank you so much everyone. I just want to cruise again!


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Oct 15, 2007
Hello, not mine but there is a NOS part #16501873 LEFT side original GM in the GM tailight lens on e-bay @ $265.00. If you are looking for the right side and if you can find one be prepared to pay much more as it's almost impossible to find. Hope this helps.


Apr 18, 2020
I've seen that listing, however, I do not want a GM unit. I want an OER taillight to match the right side already installed. Thank you very much for replying. Appreciate it for sure.

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