Wanted: Aftermarket parts


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Hey guys, I'm looking to do some upgrades. I'm willing to have parts shipped or travel to pick up. I'm looking for the following parts:
- Driver side bucket seat tracks
- Powerlogger
- Maf translator
- 3" or 3.5" maf pipe
- Hotwire kit
- 3 inch downpipe/aftermarket exhaust setup
- 60 lb injectors
- Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (accufab/kirbans)
- Good condition turbo (Ta49, PTE, etc)


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So am I plus a large number of others.
What city are you in, there’s a bunch of us in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)


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I am in Mississauga , but a large group of turbo buick owners in the GTA which could help you .
Try reaching out on TBSO (turbo Buick owners of Southern Ontario ) on Facebook & also GTA Turbo Buicks also on Facebook .
Good Luck in your search 👍
I have a used translator, and a 3" chrome pipe. A new accufab fuel pressure regulator. PM me for pics, if your interested...thanks