Want to pass emissions with 83's :)


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And a whole lot more junk that isn't emission friendly. Figured I would put something here to keep this section alive and see what responses I get. Here is what I would "like" to pass with which is my current run mode:

-83 lb. Siemen injectors
-Max-Effort 16 position open loop
-Blocked off EGR
-206/206 .532/.532 roller
-Fan on at 165 degrees

Sounds like a challenge:D I should mention I am going to get one of Scott's emissions chips to test if I should fail the first time.

I have a dual nozzle SMC kit hooked into the TB pipe. Steve Yaklin said a little water may kill some of the cylinder temp's and lower my NOX so it crossed through my mind to set my turn-on point low enough to trip it a little on low speed. I plan on running some denatured too of course.
What positive or negative effects will injecting a little denatured have on the emissions?

I plan on going in with new oil, plugs and I have a new 3" cat that I have never used that will be in place.

Any thoughts?


Jesse, do like i did and find someone that trsts them and pay them off! i had a hard enough time making them pass when they were much less "built". i bought a 2yr sticker for 100 bucks.


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Because alcohol is a fuel, if it is injected after the MAF, it may add additional HC. If you're rich, HC will probably rise higher. But don't get it too lean to the point of lean misfire. Many people have used some sort of water injection over the years and it does cool peak combustion temps. So it will lower NOx. After you get it tested, post the emission results, pass or fail.


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id say move up to a fast system your just going hit and miss with the chip thing


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I just passed today!:D My set up isn't even close to yours. I turned my alky off set my BLM's to read under 140, and threw a emmisions chip in for my 50's. and a cat. Passed with flying colors. In Ill. we have to do the Dyno test. Good luck!

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I'm a Maryland Emissions Inspector. The size of the injectors isn't the issue. The cam doesn't help. Turn down your fuel pressure some, use the fresh cat, and I bet you will pass. Here's a tip. Try to get them to downgrade you to the idle test from the IM 240 (dyno test). This doesn't measure Oxides of Nitrogen. Easier to pass. Reasons to downgrade: Limited clearance (wide tires or lowered car), expensive car, high horsepower car. Talk to a lane manager.
I traded my Buick, so I don't check in here very often. If you have any questions, email me.
Good luck.