Want a cookie?? Some funny shit. Lighten the mood


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I couldn’t stop laughing. Just wanted to share and lighten up the mood. Considering Illinois just went into lockdown mode. Stuck in the house with 3 kids and a wife.



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There was a guy driving along a road in Kentucky when he comes to a stop sign. On the side of the road he sees a chicken. Something odd about it he thinks and then notices it has three legs. He wants to take a closer look so he turns toward the chicken and it takes off running. He guns it and catches up with the chicken and looks down and he is doing 15 mph. He rolls the window down and it seems like the chicken catches second gear and starts to pull away. The drivers mashes the pedal and soon they are doing 45. The chicken looks at the driver and drops it into high gear, kicks up some dust and is gone. It crossed the road in front of the car and took off down a side road. Wondering why the chicken crossed the road the guy turns down the road and soon is pulling up to a farm. The farmer, an elderly man with a white goatee, asks the man if he could help him. The man said he was following a chicken. The farmer asks, "Did it have three legs?" The driver said yes and the farmer said "It's one of mine, I made it." Curious the guy asks why and the farmer said, "Well I own a restaurant and when you get a bucket of chicken do like the leg?" The man replied, "Yeah, it's okay." The farmer asks, "Are you married? Does your wife like a leg, too?" "Well yeah", the driver replied. The farmer then asked, "If you have a kid or if someone comes over for dinner, don't you think they would like a leg also?" The man said, "I see what you mean. That's a pretty good idea. Well what does it taste like?" The farmer replied, "I don't know. We haven't caught one yet."