Virgin stage 2 off center 153 needed 4K

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87 GNx2

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Need off center
Was building a 109 stroker (again) and decided to go staged or TA if can’t find stage block
All my parts are for off center


87 GNx2

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My goals are to take all of my 109 stroker parts ported heads etc. and rebuild with a stage block thats more durable
And not have to use my girdle and billet caps
Once I got over 700 to 750 wheel horsepower on the 109’s I’ve cracked across the camshaft valleys X 2 with a good tune no detonation and EGTs and all else looked ok
I think I cracked blocks on hard launch

I don’t think I’m gonna race the car anymore but I’m just not want to put a lot of money into another 109 block

I have a 12,000 mile original engine in the car right now and my other car had only 37,000 miles Original and it’s in perfect condition so rather than tear one of those engines down just to use the block I was going to sell one engine and get a better block with the money


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You'll find one, they pop-up every now and then. Call TA Performance, Anderson Performance, Twisted 6 and Full Throttle, I bet one of them has one sitting in the corner of their shop.



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Contact Dave Husek from Turbobuick performance. I know he has a virgin off center block. Maybe he will part with it. 516-285-1103