VintageAir G-Body Kit


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I have my 86 pulled completely apart and was originally just going to go full AC delete and blank it over.
Anyone do the Vintage Air kit available through Nick/GNS?
Not having air or heat will limit driving the car a little I am sure so I am reconsidering the decision.
Any thoughts gentleman?


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FWIW I know Nick has done quite a few conversions, seen a few of them myself and they are really clean.

I haven't heard anyone here complain about one yet.
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That sure would make a nice road trip to get the old guy to put it in and than give it a good shakedown coming back through the south.


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Thanks for the responses guys.
I have only seen the pics on Nick's website, I haven't been able to find anyone that actually did it.

steve hughes

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I have installed one but don't have the hoses and stuff done under the hood yet or the car up and running. It is a very well thought out somewhat complicated kit to install. It does clean up under the hood alot. The whole dash has to come out for the install.


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Thanks Steve. My interior is already out and I am replacing the gauges with the GNS stuff so I guess if I was going to do would be the time.