VIN original GNX ?

Andreas Henke

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Hey there.
I am in the process of buying a GNX and want to make sure it is a real GNX,
VIN 1G4GJ1178HP449020
GnX #296
I do not have a picture of the sticker.
The car has all features a GNX has.
Thanks and hello from Germany,


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a 114k mi gnx for 22.300 id stay far away from it as it smells of a scam , price is not where it should be too cheap and if it sounds too good to be true you can be sure its a scam

on this subject how gullible are people to even consider that car , quick google shows a couple ads with same pics and info saying car is in a local ad in ny at $22300 and its in spain for 23100 pounds from a uk ad .
edit again i must be out of my fkn mind to even reply to this OP as he may be the origin of the scam if not i should have just let him send his money ...old saying ..a fool and his money are soon parted ..
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X Ray

The GNX changed my life!
The vin is correct for GNX 296.
Make sure it has the correct turbo and wheels.....exc.

Andreas Henke

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it has the right rear end, turbo, Fenders, speedometer / gauges , Wheels , tag on glove box.
I signed the contract already.
Hope it is working out.


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do a quick google search on gnx 29. it was sold off ebay to a guy in houston texas about 9 months ago.