Vapor canister purge valve replacement


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Is there a vapor canister solenoid purge valve available that replaces the original equipment or a suggested vapor canister setup that can be substituted for the OEM. 1986 Grand National.


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It's a rather simple solenoid and they rarely go bad, I would just source a used plug and play unit from a reputable used part vendor on this site.
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Can this vapor canister be deleted. I removed mine because I needed room. Order a 3” MAF pipe also 3 1/2 “ MAF sensor. Now everything fits. The situation is now I have no place to put the unit. And now my fuel vent line is open to the atmosphere. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas


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I"m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but these , like many other parts , are getting very hard to find , after being discontinued . I see that Walker is starting to make a lot of new remakes of the OEM stuff . You could also PM me for the two that I have listed for sale here, if you'd like ? :sneaky:
I believe that there are threads here about removing them entirely, but the CA. ( or other States ) Smog guys will not pass it without one.

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You could put a filter at the end of the vapor canister line & vent it into the atmosphere.

Or you could relocate the whole canister assembly into the DS fender well just behind the signal lights. Pretty common mod.