Valve Cover Breathers

Did the 84 hot air engine come with valve cover breathers? Mine has an oil fill cap on the DS and the PS valve cover has a washer and bolt where I think a breather hole was. I see photos of an oil fill extension on the DS. Did that have a breather?

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Neither side had a breather. Ps had a sealed valve cover. DS had a raised fill tube that connected to the MAF pipe

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Is anyone reproducing these hi rise fill tubes and breathers? Are they necessary for proper crankcase ventilation if the PCV system is intact?

If they are does anyone have a used one for sale?



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I think the breather is important. My car was like yours, someone had replaced the oil fill tube with a simple cap. I believe this caused the crankcase to pressurize and leak oil everywhere it could.

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@Barberman91, I've been looking at engine assembly manuals and exploded parts diagrams for the LM9 engine since you posted the parts wanted request for what you're holding. I can't find anything like what you are holding, let alone a LH valve cover with a rear hole for the grommet. No different part # than the cover used for 86-87 (25520187).

Now I'm curious. Could you post some pics of the valve cover area and how the breather hose worked or snaked around the wastegate control solenoid assembly mounted on the valve cover. What do/did you have for a cap on the oil fill tube? Was your car a Fall '83 build?
Mine is a Riveria convertible which shouldn't make a difference but it has the stock oil fill. (As far as I know) I sadly don't know much about it since I just picked it up a little while ago. I needed to fix the leaking valve covers in order to drive it and during the repair I found this crummy grommet wrapped in electrical tape.


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Ah, I get now. I haven't seen a turbo Riv in years. nice acquisition. just looked thru parts pics at rock auto here. there is a grommet with a 90* elbow under PCV connector, dorman part # 47034. but you'd need more hose to fab something. have to check diameters and sizing.

I'd contact a Buick dealer parts dept to ask for a part # and also ask to run that part # thru the global parts search to learn if there may be one sitting on a shelf somewhere in a dealer's inventory buried away.

with the part # and any other superseded #'s they give you, enter that number on to learn maybe other part #'s or when it was discontinued. This info and #'s may help in a google search or an ebay search when the title is by part # and not year, make, model or not even noting the part was on a turbo Riv. but, even though never heat cycled or exposed to hot oil mist, 30 year old rubber may be ready to crumple once removed from the package. So, I'd look at the following:

1. does that valve cover have a cast-in baffle like the RH cover on the 86-87? if you can't find that grommet/tube part, maybe compare the hole size in the cover to learn if the 86-87 valve cover grommet and aftermarket push-in breather set up can be adapted to the Riv. then just cap the port on the air intake.'S+SIDE+VALVE+COVER+GROMMET+#6982.html


2. maybe swap the valve cover for a driver's side from a 84-87 turbo buick regal and use an oil fill breather like these...,+BREATHER+and+SILICONE+SEAL+KIT+#1569.html

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wow, oemcats says discontinued since Sep. 1993. but states that ...8045 part # has been superseded. hopefully the GM parts counter person can look up a part # history and search next week for you. Otherwise, maybe spend some time at the local autoparts store looking at all the emission hoses they have hanging behind the counter in an effort to learn if you can fab something from a couple of hoses and grommets