V6 Engine Cradle


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Anyone have a Buick V6 Engine cradle they are looking to sell? Cruz Performance is out of stock and I need one ASAP.

I'm located in the Chicago-land Area.

So if any local guys have one I'd be happy to buy if your selling or rent it for a week or so,
that way I can get my motor stripped down and off to the machine shop. Not looking to buy and engine stand at this time.

email: staged2@yahoo.com



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You guys mean this?


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You can build one out of 4 pieces of wood in less time than waiting for the mailman.

Not the best shot but you can see the front and rear pieces are any length you want. They're spaced the width of the pan, and the side boards are the length of the pan. I made this one out of 5/4 scraps from my decks handrail and 8 deck screws.

I've been meaning to get some casters and write another ''how to'' for a few years now.