Used Powerstroke Intercooler


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I have a good used powerstroke aluminum Intercooler for sale. I would prefer pickup as this thing has some size and weight to it. Plans have changed for my car so I am letting this big IC go cheap.


And I take cash or paypal or M/O.




Contents Under Pressure
i thought i had this thing already? lol o well i guess?

I asked you for a shipping address so I can get you a quote on shipping and you never replied so I had to assume that you did not want it. This was yesterday at 3:32pm via a pm.


Contents Under Pressure
Here is the information on the Intercooler for everyone.

Cooler cost $100

I went to the UPS store yesterday and had it boxed and packed well. This is a $31.30 cost. Don;t believe me contact you UPS store and give them the deminsions of the cooler. These are located on JBannings site.

Shipping to NJ per the request from yesterday was $49.50

I am willing to split the boxong cost so if someone wants it on the East coast you are looking at $165.25 insured to your door and no paypal fee's.

Cooler is still for sale and boxed and ready to me for paypal information.