Updated cam sensor.


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A capable machinist would be able to graft the bottom of a Buick distributor to the sensor head of this:

Probably won't work with the factory ECM, but it should work with all the standalones.
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Short Guy
Why not get your cam sensor rebuilt?

TurboNasty on here amongst others does them.
All kinds of reasons.

Don't want to or can't have the car down for two months;
Old one's already been rebuilt twice and still doesn't work right;
Can't find a reliable sensor cap for the original one and just want something manufactured during this century;
Want spares;


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With a 3d scanner it would be easy. Same with scanning a cam sensor and milling it.


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A water sealed hall effect sensor is inside most likely. Probably an over-molded piece but I don't know..... I've got 200,00 miles on my stocker in the WE4, and 251,000 on the GN also with the factory sensor. :cool:


Short Guy
What's in a cap that would make it impossible to 3D print it?
Nothing... except testing. The reason the GM sensors were the best is GM's durability testing for engine parts were ridiculous.

So you can print a replacement and find a hall effect sensor to slot in, but is it going to survive the heat, vibration, oil and moisture? Maybe?