Upcoming Gangster Movie Connection


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Among other things, I am into game room stuff. I accumulated a storage unit full of vintage slot machines years ago, and planned on building a "Vegas Room" in my game room. Never got to the project, so the slots just sat.

Last August, I got a call from a movie producer looking to rent slots for an upcoming motion picture. We went back and forth, and I ended up selling 24 of my machines to the studio. They were going to set up a casino in this yet-unnamed movie. Supposedly located in Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada. Found the trailer on YouTube, and it shows a few shots of my machines.

"Bad Times at the El Royale".
Check out this trailer:

One cool movie from looking at the trailer. And I provided a piece of it. Here's what I ended up sending to the studio in Canada:


Coming out in October. Can't wait to see it.


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Just saw the movie yesterday, opening day.

Highly recommend this one. It has "Quentin Tarantino"-like twists, but he wasn't involved. Still, it hooks you in, and just when you begin to like a character, it ends abruptly. Jeff Bridges played out incredibly well.

I got to see those slot machines that I supplied, all cleaned up with El Royale glass installed. For most of the movie, they were just background machines in clusters of five and along the back wall, buy wound up back-dropped in many scenes. That casino supposedly lost its gaming licence. Trying to avoid spoiling it, but in the end, at the "Reno" location, the full colors played out nicely. It was like seeing my kid on TV....

Check it out, very good movie with major mind games and complicated plots. Excellent acting as well. Going back again this week to watch it again, pick up on the parts I didn't quite understand. Apparently there was a casino in the 60's called the Cal Neva casino, where Frank Sinatra had a stake in it, and JFK and Marilyn Monroe stayed - which is suggested in the plot of this movie. If you're a JFK conspiracy fan, you'll pick up some clues. And if you followed Charles Manson, well, you'll --- wait. No more clues. Go see it.