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hey guys
Was out doing spring cleaning and realized that my positive battery cable clamps that hold down the cable close to the frame had broke last time I drove the car before the end of last season so the pos wire was touching the header near the starter however it was double wrapped in that plastic crap to protect wires but it was severely melted so after removing it the pos cable had no damage at all so I was going to wrap my downpipe with header wrap and retie the wires back down! Any other advice would be greatly appreciated

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I would maybe rather slip thermo-shield wire loom over the cable, and skip wrapping the downpipe. But that's just me.

Just make sure the insulation is in perfect shape. If not, make or buy a new one. Also make sure it doesn't come loose or contact that downpipe again. Use metal clamps or something that wont melt away. You obviously know this could burn you ride right down to the rims! Even worse, if you keep it in a garage.


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After 30 years you might be due for a new battery cable. Casper's sells a longer one so you can route it away from that hot downpipe.