two girls quaratine


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In the early 90's we had a pair of DJ's on a morning show that would play "How Many White Guys?" once a week.

They would play an excerpt from an NBA game, stop it and ask the caller, "How Many White Guys?"

Pretty funny stuff, but you can't do that now-a-days!


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they are great ...
but KC87 prefers a little outside the box at his age ... gets the juices flowing blood .so to speak ..he's never heard anything like that until now ...gotta keep him on his toes ... ;)
Very little stuff that I liked from the 80s, all of my collection is from the 60s and 70s, some 50s too. Y'all know, back when it was more than just yelling and banging on a gee-tar. Plus you could understand what they were singing. Here's Grass Doctor (leaning on the TV) back in the day introducing a song at the beginning for the yung-uns. :LOL::LOL: