TV Cable used to self adjust, not now?

I used to be able to set my TV cable the GM recommended way. I'm not exactly sure why I can't now. I try depressing the brass D part and push the slider all the way to the firewall. When I press the gas pedal down (without the mat) It will only ratchet the first click and no further. I tried another TV cable from Highway Stars with the same result. Last time it worked I had a 65mm precision plenum. I changed that one out for a stock plenum. I have had the pan off and tried moving the TV plunger/lifter and it seemed to take a good amount of pressure with my thumb to bottom it out. I'm definitely not a mechanic and I am not sure if this is normal. I was thinking about getting another 65mm precision plenum and seeing if that makes a difference with the geometry. That plenum is advertised as a stock replacement so it should work going back to stock. I am 99% sure my TV cable is a stock part. I'm at a loss for what is could be hindering this self adjustment. Any further input would be great. Thanks in advance!

77 cruiser

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Is the cable tight @ WOT after? Do you still get WOT @ the throttle body? If so it's good unless the geometry if off.
After it try setting the cable it stops on the first notch of the cable. The throttle body will not go WOT at this adjustment. The line is too tight.


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You shouldn't use the go-pedal to set the TV cable. The GM FSM actually states to not do it this way. But to rotate the throttle linkage at the throttle body. I use a large screwdriver in the linkage to rotate it to WOT, gives good leverage this way.

I also do the adjustment a little different. Depress the D tab and run the cable fully toward the front of the car (loose).

Rotate the TB to WOT and hold in position. Can hang a weight on the screwdriver handle to hold it there.

Now depress the D tab and pull the cable housing firmly toward the firewall. Release the D tab.

Allow the throttle to go back to the idle point. Now go back to WOT and observe the throttle/TV cable mounting bracket, if it flexes forward back off the TV cable 1 click. Check again for flex, there shouldn't be any.

Done. If the pan is down can check that the TV plunger is flush with the bushing when at WOT.

As for needing heavy pressure to depress the TV plunger, any chance the trans has a Trans Go kit in it?

I'm not sure if it has a trans go kit. Is there an easy way to tell? Thanks for the input. Great procedure write up, very detailed and logical RmvBfrFlght!


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It may not be easy, but with the pan down can unbolt the TV bracket. Then pull the roll pin for the TV plunger. Carefully remove the plunger and spring. If there is a spacer inside of the spring that is stamped "SHIFT KIT tm", then a Trans Go kit is installed. From what I've found the SK200 kit doesn't have the TV line up springs set up correctly (plunger & valve).

Then again, the issue I had was that with a properly adjusted TV cable the shifts were late (high RPM) and bone jarring. Which was a symptom of this improper TV line up. But at the same time this was also dependent upon which TV plunger spring was used.

So unfortunately I can't give a good answer for this. I do know that with the springs that were in place it took a lot of effort to depress the TV plunger.