Turn signal indicator bulb


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I took the bezel and bulb cover off and when i went to turn the bulb out it fell into backside of the dash. Is the bulb supposed to just pull out and the socket and the socket stays in place or does the socket/bulb twist out? Thanks


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These are the types I have used in the past. You can get led ones that work for some things too. But they just push in and are held by friction.


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So you just remove the bulb and not the socket? Do I have to take the instrument cluster off to get to the socket that fell in?

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In theory I’d say you could just pull the bulb out, however I’ve always accessed behind the cluster, twisted the whole socket out, replaced bulb, & twisted socket back in. Seems easier but that’s just me.

Plus if I’m in that scenario, I’ll replace all of them to make it a one time deal. Just did all of mine with LED’s a month or so ago.