Turbonetics DBB turbo 6266


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Absolutely no shaft play spins like a top. I made a deal with a local guy on Craigslist to buy this turbo not knowing that I have absolutely no way to spool it. But I didn’t want to flake out on the seller. So it’s been in my closet since then.

Seller stated 50 miles on the rebuild.
It has the oil fitting already in place.

$550 shipped lower 48

Also have no name aluminum 3” downpipe that I will throw in the deal free if u cover the shipping on it.


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I forgot to mention that a usps money order is the only form of payment a can accept on all my sales. Check my feedback


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I can’t guarantee a used part especially a turbo where there are so many possibilities of failure.
Improper install (not saying you don’t know how these work. Anyone in general . I’ve been a original owner and didn’t know I couldn’t use this till someone up here advised me)
Dirty oil lines
No turbo timer
Poor oil pressure

I’m sorry I cannot guarantee it once someone installs it.

If you buy it and don’t like the way it feels in your hands I will give u 5 days to send it back. Once it’s installed I’m sorry I can’t.

But i don’t sell broken parts. (If I do it’s always disclosed in the ad). But I would run it without thinking twice about it. Unfortunately I don’t have the power to spool it.

I’m sorry that’s the best I can do.


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Could be a 61mm compressor and a 62 or a 65 f1 turbine, to my knowledge T-netics never made a 62mm comp wheel nor a 66 turbine.. but still a great turbo and a good deal..Glws


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Could be a 61mm compressor and a 62 or a 65 f1 turbine, to my knowledge T-netics never made a 62mm comp wheel nor a 66 turbine.. but still a great turbo and a good deal..Glws
Well in that case I apologize as I’m just going by what the seller posted on his ad and what he told me. All I can tell y’all is it has a 4” inlet and it’s huge. And it spins like a top. I took a screenshot of his original ad if anyone wants to see it pm me. But i am being truthful in what it was sold to me as.

But I have a pending sale. Hopefully the buyer sends payment tomorrow because I got bills. But I will keep everyone updated.


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I know nothing about this. When I went to buy the turbo it was hanging up on the guy’s wall and I bought it as well. I’m never gunna use it because I’m never modding my original we4


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