TurboDave has Passed Away


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Thank you all for the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers they are greatly appreciated!

Here's a bit of an update: Dave is still in the ICU, but will move to a post ICU recovery room either later tonight or tomorrow. He's able to feed himself soft foods like applesauce, thickened soup, pudding, yogurt, etc solid foods will come later when his swallowing abilities improve.

He's talking and engaged in the consultations with the numerous Doctors.

The next steps are to heal from the surgeries and also regain some strength. Once he's strong enough, and the incisions have healed enough, the radiation and chemo treatments will begin.

Again, thank you for the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers! Please keep them coming. He is starting on his long road to recovery.


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Dave has been moved from ICU to a regular/private room and is undergoing Physical Therapy. He's feeding himself, and is able to talk. Yesterday he stood for the first time since his surgeries. Unfortunately the biopsy results indicated that the tumor is cancerous. He's got to get stronger and his incisions need to heal more before the radiation and chemo therapy can start.

Thanks for the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers! Please keep them coming.

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pausing for a few moments to think of Dave and Family. Sad to learn of biopsy results. Have to stay positive in mind, body and spirit. One day at a time.


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F*ck cancer. Beat it's ass Dave we will see ya soon.
John and Michelle many prayers coming your way for you and your family.

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Prayers for you, Dave....fight with all you've got and them some....The Lord watch over you and your family...and always think positive. (like you don't have to look at me after my haircut):jawdrop:

You've been such a good guy here.....please get better. We miss you terribly!

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Dave has been transferred locally to the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center.


He is undergoing Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy every day.

Each day brings new challenges. Today he 'worked out' in the gym and stood (while supported) out of his wheelchair.

The support from the board has been greatly appreciated!


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My understanding is that Turbo Dave is struggling. :( Please continue to pray for his recovery and for his family also.



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I had one of those days and when I read this it just put the world into perspective. Thoughts are with Dave and the family.


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He's still in the rehab center and has good and bad days. During the weekend he walked while supported down a hallway, but then a day or two later he struggled to open his eyes. The following day he had an MRI which showed a significant amount of swelling which may explain his non responsiveness. Then this morning he waved at us as we entered the room and had a relatively good day, ate a decent amount of breakfast , lunch, and dinner which he needs. He is 6'-1" and weighed 185 #'s at the time of surgery and now he is down to 148#'s! Michelle, Kathy and I are learning how to care for him in hopes that he will be able to come home. Today we used an engine hoist type device and a sling to lift him out of his chair and into a bed.

Please keep him in your thoughts, and prayers. This type of brain cancer (GMB) is very debilitating.