Turbo Thunder 2013


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Of course there will be a Turbo Thunder XIV! We don't have the venue or the dates nailed down yet. Possibilities include Bremerton and Mission. I don't believe that Ridge has any firm schedule for finishing their dragstrip yet, but haven't checked with them recently. The default is Bremerton, but Mission is a nicer track - particularly for the fast cars - so we might just do it there this year. We'll be wrapping up the details this month. Stay tuned for dates and location!


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It's looking like Bremerton - July 12-14th. We're still in negotiations with the track, but that's the pencil-in date. I'll be firming it up by this Wed (Jun 4).


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Friday July 12th - gates open at 3p - TnT until close - $27 car/driver, $12 spectator/crew
Saturday July 13th - gates open at 8a - time trials then eliminations - $40 car/driver, $12/spectator/crew

The Turbo Thunder races carry a $20 buy-in that goes directly to the pot. The rest of the fees above go straight to the track.
On Saturday, there's also a bonus Battle of the Brands race going on that all of the Turbo Thunder guys can race in if they like (might mean some hot laps).

Camping is available Friday-Sunday for $10 (all weekend)

Bummer, doesn't look like I will be available on those dates to defend my Champion Title. Made it to 11 straight years of Turbo Thunder events.

Hope y'all have a great time as usual!
Way to quit while you're ahead Slacker.:rolleyes: . I suggest you cancel whatever it is you think is more important than Turbo Thunder.. or better yet just let your wife drive Sinister.
Only thing that would get Dan to keep the "streak" alive would be trash talking from Josh. Oh wait...I guess there won't any. :(



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I was planning on dethrowning Dan this year anyways, He must have sensed this and made other plans to avoid the embarrassment!


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2nd year I've wanted come out but the car is still running like junk . I should tow it out like I'm gonna race and then pick all your brains as to why it is running so rich .


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Me and Robin are headed to the track later tonight after she gets off work:)
I dont plan on running the car very hard at that track because it has a short shut down and the jersey barriors are way off to the side of the track.


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I saw a few of you boys, at our Local motel, tonight, Nice looking rides for sure. I am battle a methanol issue on my Turbo TA or I would have come out for some fun.