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Re: Turbo Riviera Oil Pressure Switch

Originally posted by cool4u

I forgot, I have replaced the oil pressure switch, also. I'll have to check on the 12V wire to the fuel pump, though.


Check out JS manufacturing NEW just out of the oven hot air intakes

JUST wonder about hood clearance on RIviera http://www.jsmanufacturing.com



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Riviera turbo and related parts for sale

Guys, I don't know if anyone needs these, but a guy on the GN/T-Type board bought a Riviera turbo, adapter and throttle body, thinking the turbo would work on his Regal. He now wants to sell them and is asking $125. If you're interested, contact him at
dbrode@hereintown.net . His name is Dave


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Re: Riviera turbo and related parts for sale

Originally posted by cool4u
Guys, I don't know if anyone needs these, but a guy on the GN/T-Type board bought a Riviera turbo, adapter and throttle body, thinking the turbo would work on his Regal. He now wants to sell them and is asking $125. If you're interested, contact him at
dbrode@hereintown.net . His name is Dave

HI Phil, allways good to know about extra parts for our cars, IF your buddy , DAVE, takes that Riv turbo apart, the center section WILL work on his Regal.
even though the compressor wheel trim may be just a little different, 57 trim VS 60 trim, there probably wont be much difference. Ofcourse, he could take the compressor wheel off the regal center housing and put on the riviera center housing, BUT , it will most likely not end up being balanced.

JUST MY TWO cents,

PS> to TRIV, thanks for the ebay info on the emblems, I did not bid, but enjoyed looking at them.
82' Riv T Type

Count me in but I'm going to need some help. This car was given to me from my step dad. He torn the motor out and sent it in on an exchange the block is in I just need to put everything back on :eek:Any pictures of the engine compartment that you guys could post would really help me out as I don't have much to go by and did not disassemble it. Any help I would really appreciate thanks guys


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here ya go, I hope this helps a little.



rev. 3:11

It ain't pretty (yet!?!), but here you go!
I'll send a couple more...
D :)


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rev. 3:11

Here's a couple more...
These and the previous ones are all of my '85 Riv.
don't know how much the difference is,
but maybe it will help!

D :)


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thread brought back from 2004:eek:

someone missed a super deal on a '85 t-type riv i was going to sell awhile back. after looking it over a little more, it's sleeper time...
Anyone with some carburated pics as mine is an 82'? That would help me out big time thanks for the pics tho I'm sure they will come in handy


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Hello Riveira Owners I need help

Hi Riv guys: I am glad to see your group of guys on here. I am currently working on a 1984 riv. for a friend of mine. When he got the car it appeared that the trunk had been broke into; and now the trunk has no stricker on the lower rear panal, and it appears someone removed the power trunk release. What I really need is some good pictures inside the trunk in the stricker area and also of the lock area of the deck lid. With these pictures I can see what parts I need and how they fit up. I would really appreciate it if someone could take the pictures I need. Once I see what I need maybe someone can point me to a parts car. I also need advice on finding the problem with the digital gas gauge. It reads empty all the time regardless how much fuel is in the tank. Give me your ideas. Bad sender- poor ground - gas logged float- etc. etc. . The digital gauge reads; but it only flashes empty. Every now and then it will show some fuel. Thanks for reading this long post, and I will appreciate your replys.
Thanks Jerry Berger Sr.


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One other question...

The fuel gauge is not working on the vehicle. I dropped the tank and tested the sender for continuity and the sender was good when the float was at empty, but as soon as you move the float, the sender goes open.

The car has a digital dash and my question is... are there two senders one analog and one digital (0 - 90 ohms) like the regals? I know the regal senders are different but didn't know if there was a difference for the riviera.

If so can someone point me to a source for the digital senders.


Jerry Berger Jr.


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Sending units are different between analog and digital............but you can interchange them. There's a difference in the ohms so when you substitute one for the other it will either read a tad bit low or high. New senders are discontinued. And nobody makes a new replacement unit either. What I've done in the past is to modify the sender from a 79-85 DFI ElDorado or Seville. And those cars are either analog or digital too. Depending on the year all you might have to do is swap the fuel pump and change the electrical connector on the end. The SFI Riviera also uses a baffled fuel tank like the TRs. If you need a new tank get one for 79-85 ElDorado with DFI if they don't have it listed for a Riv with FI.:)


intercooled engines rule!
i dont think on the gn cars but i like that piece. ive seen a few rivs in the junk yard 8 years ago but never thought to look under the hood at that time.

is there parts places for turbo rivs online? or a forum just for them?