Turbo Regal Service Manual Android App (Updated)



1987 Buick Turbo Regal Service Manual
Android App
I found a downloadable service manual online and was trying to use my tablet to view it but the way it was set up, I guess, the built-in html viewer and browser didn't know what to do with it since it was formatted as html and pdf files in a directory. It was already set up with hyperlinks to each section and worked good viewing it from my computer. I just wished it would load correctly on my tablet so that's how I started this project. I ended up merging it all it into a single pdf file but apparently was way too big for any of the pdf apps to navigate it smoothly. OK, so I tried to upload it to my Google Play Books library but they aren't interested in preserving built-in links, chapters, and bookmarks. You get only a huge book with no way to skip to specific parts. Impossible. So this is what I ended up with.

I made this for myself so I didn't include ads or anything extra. There's no start-up receivers, background services, logging, analytics, or any of the other bullshit you sometimes find in apps people publish to the PlayStore (see screenshots) To install it, you will need to temporarily enable “Unknown Sources” in the security section of android settings. You can switch it back off after but to save bookmarks, you'll have to grant storage permission if your android version is lollipop or newer. There's a pop-up window that displays the website address (links and screenshots below) of the program I used to make it because I used their free demo version of their magazine app maker. I’m not a app developer but I have decompiled the apk and examined the code myself as well as my own firewall logs to check for any suspicious behavior. The "uses internet permission" is built into the framework of the app for the purpose of ads, which I didn't include, and no connections to the internet are attempted, at all, even when the app is open.

Create a bookmark on the first page, at least,so you can return to it easily. That's where the Table of Contents is and links to each section are. It's a pretty large app but still worth having for anyone who might need it and not want to search around for original copy or pay someone selling expensive ass copyright encrypted digital copies which they might not even own the rights to. Anyways, I just wanted to share since I wished I had something like this before. Hopefully someone will find it useful.

**Update - 1/24/2017
-Added links in the Contents page of each Section
-Icon is now a turbo6
-Reduced total size to 693mb
-Cleaned out duplicate files in the the source files folders

Service Manual App with links v2.0 693mb - larger in size but page1 links to each Section and now the Contents page of each section has links to specific pages as well.

Service Manual App 359mb - much smaller but you need to bookmark the 1st page and each section yourself inside the app

Service Manual Source Files - PDFs and original compressed archive of everything I used


All credit goes to:
General Motors Buick Motor Division
Jeremy Wood (for sharing it) https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_taSEdSERBnSzlWSkZtTWJhbjA/edit
Steve W. for sharing it and an entire website full of valuable info http://www.vortexbuicks-etc.com/
AppMk http://www.appmk.com/ for sharing the demo version of their android book maker.
and I guess Google for android and making it a pain in the ass to upload books in a convenient way.
yea, and me for all the time it took to figure out how to rework the pdf's so they work like I wanted on a tablet.

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I think he was just saying that he used to have something similar to this on a previous computer that died. And that it's awesome to have it back.

Very good job and thanks for your work.

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Thanks so much 87-WE2 as that is exactly what I was saying! In that, I couldn't remember where I had found this before. As it had been moved or removed and I couldn't find it anymore.

And how I came across as being a Richard Head (play on words intended) is beyond me? However, apparently I did just that.

So cbar_tx my apologies if you mistook my brief commentary as me being an ass. As that was not my intent at all. And I do appreciate it and thank you for your hard work as well.


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I think he thought you meant the service manual files caused the virus...could be wrong

yea its just because my android devices are all themed out and rooted with custom ROMs and people ask me all the time how but are always afraid to install anything that's not in the play store so I guess I thought he was just giving me a hard time


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Oh I got you!!

No man the machine I lost was some kind of an email deal. Still have no idea how it infected my machine as I never opened, forwarded or read anything whack. I was able to recover it for a little while but it went right back to the blue screen of death all over again. And this was a few years ago (it was an old XP machine) that wasn't even worth saving. So I didn't even try to recover any of the data, etc just set it aside.

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