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I just purchased an 86 GN and am brand new to this. But the seller had a new TE-44 turbo, so I had it installed. The mechanic would not pass it(inspection) because the gasket going to the downpipe was shot. He says its an asbestos mesh type gasket and this thing is next to impossible to find!! So now I have a rejection sticker and no ride! Any help on how to find this gasket? The turbo tech at Poston parts says there is no gasket and that it seals metal to metal--who is right??!!


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Postons is right, turbo to DOWNPIPE there is no gasket.

Turbo inlet up from the header on the passenger side some use a 3 bolt gasket there.

Do you need one of those? Ramchargers has the Buick Riviera tubo one that fits our cars.

Stock I don't think there is a gasket there so tell the guy to just pass you anyway. :)


KendallF just got one at the local parts store chain, either Autozone or Advance. So it must be common to something else. If no luck email or PM me. I have two. You can have one free.

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I think he is talking about the graphite donut between the elbow housing and the DP. GM still has them I believe.