Turbo Buick Racing Legend Buddy Ingersoll Signed Artwork On Ebay


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I don't know why the diecast car with the same serial number has been separated by the owner, but this is a rare opportunity for you hardcore Buick guys. There are only 300 of these lithographs of the Turbo Regal Buddy Ingersoll used to beat up on the other prostockers in 1986. This is the only year a turbo V6 motor was allowed in prostock class and of course it was a Buick. After many low 7 second passes, Ricky Smith petitioned to have Buddy thrown out of the class and won. But for one shining year Buddy Ingersoll was allowed in the prostock class to beat up on the supposed "big" boys with his "little" V6. The lithograph on ebay, like the other 299, has been signed by Buddy Ingersoll himself. This lithograph is among the most popular we have produced. I don't know who has it or why they are selling it, but it is certainly a neat piece that is worth a heck of a lot more than the $26 it's at now. I would put it in the $50-$70 range. Well known automotive artist Jim Connelly is the artist. Good Luck!

Here is what it looks like: http://www.epitomeexclusives.com/BuddyIngersoll.htm

Here is the auction: