Turbo Buick Performance: a fanatical experience!!!


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After my 1987 T-type transmission died due to 590 rwtq and 3 years of abuse with out ANY type of service (yes I know) I called around looking for the right transmission to replace my dead unit.

Dave Huesk at Turbo Buick Performance took my call on a Sunday and spent over an hour talking to me about MY car, MY need and how he could build a box to fit EXACTLY what I wanted.
He educated me on the product, what likely went wrong with my 2004r, the pitfalls of the 2004r, where there was value in augmenting components and where there was waste.

Dave encouraged me to seek out other vendors prices/quotes, he never talked in a negative way about any other vendor. What he DID do was convince me that he was going to build me a transmission in a way that would let me enjoy my car the way I wanted to drive it and that he would send the transmission to me FASTER than anyone else out there and I would be VERY happy with the unit.

Dave was very informative on where he was in the process of building my transmission. He would text me or call me with updates and information. He was open and honest, noting a few issues he caught while doing the initial build.

Dave also spent time helping me design the ultimate cooling system for my transmission. Although he felt my selection of a Derale cooler was OVERKILL he did help me identify that my current cooling system was likely the primary cause of failure for my old transmission. This is true expert advice and guidance on a specific car platform I'm getting form him, I was so impressed. There wasn't anything he didn't know about the Turbo Buick drive line.

When the transmission arrived I called David and he made sure to note that he was available to me for any questions. He had a set process he wanted to walk me through during the install. He did not want to send me a PDF or a written procedure because he wanted to be involved the entire time. IT felt GREAT, it was like he was in my garage with me while I went through the process.

Once the break-in procedure was complete, I took the car for a drive. The transmission David built me is a DUAL FEED so it shifted different than my old one. The Huesk 3021 non-lockup converter was EXACTLY what my 6266 was wanting. NO MORE FLUTTER, NO MORE SHUTTER, INSTANT SPOOL, SUCH HAPPINESS!!!!

My car DRIVES better. My car SHIFTS PERFECT, so perfect you'd think there was a TCM controlling this 2004R. The product is GREAT, David's support is even better. I feel VERY good about recommending him to anyone out there that needs any type of 2004R built. He is just one of the best guys I've ever worked with....

Finally, one more note...

On my first LAUNCH after the proper break-in I sheered off one of my motor mounts!!! The old rubber mounts just couldn't take the torque multiplication of the Huesk 3021 NL stall converter. I called David and explained what happened and he HAD the solution AGAIN. He sold me a set of H&R motor mounts and even walked me through installing THOSE parts!!!!

Last night I ran my friend's modified BMW V10 M5 and put about 5 cars on him instantly and another 4 from 20-90mph....it felt SO RIGHT.

10 out of 10 stars here guys....


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Dave is good people for sure. I'm getting a converter from him soon and the support he provides is second to none. Great asset to our TB community.


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I agree as well, I've spent many hours on the phone with Dave. He is incredibly knowledgable and very helpful, and his customer service is absolutely outstanding.


Saving my pennies now for mine to be built. I just installed one of his trannys in my brothers car and you're right about his customer service...he was answering his phone at 9 o'clock at night on a Saturday for us.

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Just got mine in from Dave installed 3021nl as well shift is perfect and fave is amazing always willing to help now I'm driving a 10 sec Gn as my daily driver till I hit break in miles thumbs up to dave

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I am very interested in hearing how well the 3021 NL works.

What torque converters did you new 3021 owners have before switching to the 3021?
Any data logs/track data to indicate performance improvements from your previous tc vs the 3021?

Thanks for any info.


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Sounds awesome! what was your Trans cooling system prior to the Derale system? can you give more details on it and the replacement system?