Turbo and Intercooler Alignment


Oh come on...its just a 6
Hey everyone. So, I had some spare time last night (and by that I mean the kids were asleep and I decided to do other stuff later lol) and put my new turbo in. It’s a PTE 5558 Gen 1 ball bearing turbo. Got it in place, hooked up the THDP and just about everything looks good. But, I have 2 problems.

First, the turbo isn’t lining up with the IC.

Any ideas here? I’m going to call PTE today, but wanted to see if anyone else has dealt with this before.

Second, the wastegate actuator isn’t quite lining up with the wastegate itself.

I can make it hook up, but it takes more effort than I feel it should. Maybe a symptom of the first problem?

Thanks in advance!!


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Loosen the bolts and spin the housing. Loosen the jam nut on the actuator and lengthen the rod some.

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As mentioned remove wastegate rod and loosen all the bolts on inboard/center section side of the compressor to its backing plate these are the small bolts with the gold washers. The compressor is seal to back plate by a large oring and these bolts hold the cover tight to that. Being that turbo is new you may be able to loosen all the bolts (prob have to take the ones for wastegate bracket completely out) and then try and "clock" he compressor cover down to achieve proper compr to IC alignment. You may have get a rubber/soft face rubber mallet and gently knock compressor cover away from center section to get it to move. Once its aligned tightened bolts back down in a criss cross fashion and dont get gorilla as they aren't very long and its alum. Years back the turbos came better aligned for the TRs than they do now. The last few 6262, 6266 and 6466s in the last 5 years ive installed all need to be clocked. Also check to be sure your center section is straight up and down...so the oil feed and drain are straight up and down and there is a small allowance for this but really best to be vertical for proper flow and drain. If not the turbine housing needs to be clocked and its a similar procedure.
Also now would be a good time to clean the stock IC inside and out (check core and clean for bugs, cotton wood, etc) as well.


Oh come on...its just a 6
You guys were right, that was a piece of cake. Barely had to loosen the bolts and the turbo turned right into place. Cinched everything down (yes, I was easy on the bolts) and we’re good to go!

Fixed the wastegate actuator alignment too! Next will be the oil lines, then the down pipe and finally the shield. Thanks again for the help!!