Tuning problems


I am experiencing some issues tuning my car. I seem to seeing a little knock when the tires are spinning. I was running at 21lbs (file april13-2)and really didn't see any knock ( saw .5 while tires were spinning on 1 out of 6 runs). This was about all I could get out of the std actuator. I put on a HD and it's at 23lbs with 2 threads on the rjc boost controller. I am seeing knock only when the tires are spinning. I see on these files the blm's are maxed (april16-1). I tried adding some more alky (no fuel) and it didn't make any difference (april 16-4). I will try adding some more fuel. I was surprised to see things change that much on a 2lb change. Chip was burned for 23-25lbs. Suggestions?

THDP, razr alky, TT6.1, AEM inline WB, tranlator, ls1 maf, 60lbs inj, atr 2.5 exhaust, test pipe, duttneck, PTC 2800LU, TA49, Hotwire, xp pump,


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I really only tune my car at the track.....it is the only place I can get the car to hook......On the street it is pointless because of the tire spin and I see knock.....

I tried to tune the knock out when on the street it just does not work when they are spinning hard.


Weather permitting I am going to the track at the end of the month. The car has some older nitto drag radials and they are 275/40/17; so there isn't much sidewall there. I do have some new HR lower control arms and a hellwig sway bar going on monday. Maybe I'll try to make a pass then rolling into it and trying to keep the tire spin down.