TSO Sponsors ~ 2017 GS Nationals

Hartline Perf.

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The Sponsorship funds are rolling in for the TSO Class!
With the funds from last year (not paid out due to rain out), Plus the funds coming in for this year, We are expecting a "BIG Payout" for the TSO Class!

Hartline Perf.

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Metco Motorsports supporting the Buick Community for years and continues to support the Racers!
Thank you Metco Motorsports again for your Sponsorship to the TSO Class!

Metco makes a full line of products such as Suspension products, Valve Cover Breathers, Drive shaft loops, and much more.
Metco Motorsports is fully equipped with a series of state-of-the-art Haas CNC lathes, mills, a precision metal saw,
and the necessary support equipment. Metco Motorsports is committed to providing products of unique design and
function, while the focus remains on clever engineering, user-friendly installations, and world-class customer support.
Check out what Metco has to offer you, not just for your Buick but other makes and models.

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Once again Precision Turbo & Engine has stepped up and Sponsored the TSO Class for the 2017 GS Nationals.
Thank you Precision Turbo & Engine for your Sponsorship!!
Top of the line high performance CEA Billet turbochargers, wastegates, heat exchangers, and fuel injectors, and much much more.
Since 2008, Precision Turbo and Engine customers have compiled over 119 World Championships and set over 256 World Records.
If you want only the BEST, see what Precision Turbo & Engine can offer you!
www.Precisionturbo.net or call 219-996-7832

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TRZ logo.jpg

TRZ Motorsports is a Proud Sponsor of the TSO Class once again this year.
TRZ Motorsports has continued to support these racers and many others.
Also providing racers with top of the line high performance suspension parts, taking many racers to the winners circle.
Check out what they have to offer you: www.TRZMotorsports.com or
if you aren't sure what you need to make you car suspension performance at it's best, give them call 407-933-7385
They know suspension!!

Hartline Perf.

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Champion Racing Heads is a Proud Sponsor of the TSO Class.
Thank you Champion Racing for your continued support to these Buick Racers.
Whether you are looking for Ported Intakes, Complete Intakes, High Flow Fuel Rails,
Valve Covers, Iron Ported Heads or Fully Ported Race Heads and much more,
Champion Racing Heads has what you need.


Hartline Perf.

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VP Racing Fuels is supporting the TSO Class again this year!
Thank you VP Racing Fuels for showing your support to these racers and for providing the best racing fuels on the market.
VP is now recognized by many as the world leader in race fuel technology, with a catalog of more than 70 fuel blends and
a growing roster of VP-fueled champions across the entire spectrum of motorsports.

Hartline Perf.

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Another Loyal sponsor to the TSO Class. Once again Weldon Racing has sponsored the TSO Class.
"Thank you" Weldon Racing for your continued support to all the Buick Racers.
Weldon Racing can provide you with the BEST Fuel pumps, Regulators, Filters, Oil Pumps and more.
If you want the BEST, Weldon Racing is what you want. With over 70 years of dedication to our customers,
Weldon Pump remains steadfast in our desire to provide innovative, accurate and durable products.
Check out what they have to offer you: https://www.weldonracing.com

Hartline Perf.

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Casper's Electronics is a proud sponsor of the TSO Class this year again!
Thank you to John and all the staff at Casper's Electronics for supporting the Buick Racers.
Casper's Electronics has dedicated over 25 years to the Buick Community with electronic
products that have been necessary to keep these cars up to date.
Whether you need a new wiring harness to replace that 30 year old harness in your car
or an adapter harness to upgrade to aftermarket ECU, plus several sensors, and any type of wiring.
You name it, Casper's has it or can make it. With over 7,000 different connectors in stock,
including our exclusive CASPERS branded custom connectors, we have the means and materials
to create and produce wiring solutions for both foreign and domestic vehicle lines.

http://www.casperselectronics.com 970-776-8740

Hartline Perf.

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Big Thanks to all our TSO Class Sponsors.
This year was a Huge Success. Our Racers truly appreciate your support.

Casper's Electronics
Champion Racing Heads
Comp. Cams / F.A.S.T.
GN Northwest Performance
Hartline Performance
Lorenz Racing & Performance
Metco Motorsports
Precision Turbo & Engine
RJC Racing
TRZ Motorsports
VP Racing Fuels
Weldon Racing

These vendors have continued to support the TSO Class each and every year,
so remember to show your support to these venders!!!