Trouble With Metco Loop.


My instructions say it might not fit flush and to draw it up. I guess T-top cars are prone to sagging in the tunnel area.

Well,I gotta tell you... I've got about 3/4 inch between the mounting flanges and the loop. The bolts won't even reach a hole.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

It looks like longer bolts and spacers are in order.


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Mine is not a Metco , ( H&R Parts ) but here are some pics of mine . You could cut off the mounts and reweld them up higher on the loop .



Yours looks good.

There is no way mine is gonna fit flat like that.

If I did move the mounts,the holes would have to relocated for the bolt holes.

If I gotta go thru all that,I'll return it. Maybe I got a bad one.

I'm gonna try to space it down from the tunnel and see how it looks.


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Not being a smart ass, but you do have it on right, correct? One side is lower on the car. I know when I made my own loop once I thought I messed up because I had it backward or upside down.


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Mine also fits with no problem. I would contact Metco and go over the dimensions with them. Like u said maybe you got a bad one.


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try loosening the two bolts you already have in
install the other side bolts
draw up the inner bolts then the outer bolts
if your floor is badly sagged you could put a jack under the loop which will raise the tunnel back to where it should have been
btw floors are same on hard top and ttop so sagging floor isnt a ttop thing, thats why theres a brace in that location from the factory on all gbody cars to prevent the floor from sagging from occupants
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Thanks for the replies.

I got it in. Had to elongate the holes and use five 5/16 washers between the loop and the floor on each bolt. ...and it it still pressed up against the tunnel.

It fits now. I'm not sure what the issue is. This car has never been wrecked or wheelied and slammed to the ground...

The instructions did say that t-top cars might have an issue due to sagging. I lost the instructions. This should be straight-forward.