Transmission Test Gauges


TBcom Admin /Prayers NYFD/NYPD
I never do this but in the last week I have had dozens of calls asking for test gauges. Until now I have directed them to a local supply house but people are still having trouble finding.
So today , at the request of a customer, I went ahead and put together a kit.

Included are:

1) 1/8th pipe 90 degree to #4an fitting. this is what attaches to the port on trans. We send a cap so when you are done you do not have to unscrew from case , just cap.

2) 0-400 PSI liquid filled precise gauge with a gauge "condom" which prevents damage if dropped.

3) 5.5 ft of 2500 psi metal wire inserted hydraulic hose. Go ahead , leave on prob.

4) Imperial Eastman crimped #4an swivel fitting. Makes hook up a clean and easy task.

ck out pics at :

$79.99 .... (+ freight)
Introductory offer. Only made up 5
Can make up more.
Ideal kit, and it is EXACTLY what you need to perform tests , both reliably and precise.

I'm going against my creed here but it is not my product and too many people seem to have a need, and have been calling asking for these. This, I think, will help all diagnois their problems, whoever they are dealing with.