Transmission Shift Cable (Heavy Duty)


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I've used the pioneer ca1131 cable from oreillys. (Junk!)
I've used the ATP Y-651 cable. Decent but plastic housing doesn't hold up. It has a solid steel rod vs. the pioneer that has braided cable that bunches inside the housing.

I found this while searching for a better option.
Hopefully it is the correct length.
It would be nice if a vendor carried it. That way we would know if is the 26.15" cable. If not they could get one made.


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I installed the cable and adjusted it.
It is not going to mount using the bastard factory clips which is fine, probably better. You will have to use the adjustable housings and nut to fasten it to the normal mounting points. Both ends are adjustable

This cable shifts smoother and there is no slack in it. I have only driven the car a few miles but I'm satisfied with the results so far.

The eyelet that attaches to the shifter needs to be opened up with a round file to fit over the shifter mount.


The ends are reversed in the pics below. The HD cable shifter end in this pic.


HD Transmission end in this pic.