Transmission Shift Cable (Heavy Duty)


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I've used the pioneer ca1131 cable from oreillys. (Junk!)
I've used the ATP Y-651 cable. Decent but plastic housing doesn't hold up. It has a solid steel rod vs. the pioneer that has braided cable that bunches inside the housing.

I found this while searching for a better option.
Hopefully it is the correct length.
It would be nice if a vendor carried it. That way we would know if is the 26.15" cable. If not they could get one made.


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I installed the cable and adjusted it.
It is not going to mount using the bastard factory clips which is fine, probably better. You will have to use the adjustable housings and nut to fasten it to the normal mounting points. Both ends are adjustable

This cable shifts smoother and there is no slack in it. I have only driven the car a few miles but I'm satisfied with the results so far.

The eyelet that attaches to the shifter needs to be opened up with a round file to fit over the shifter mount.


The ends are reversed in the pics below. The HD cable shifter end in this pic.


HD Transmission end in this pic.

Does this cable allow you to shift into all the gears? How is the length of the inner cable vs the length of the outer jacket compared to the stock?
Two years ago I bought every cable from every brand at all the parts stores in houston cleaned out all the warehouses. Ended up returning all of them.

I have the numbers written down somewhere. But the difference in length between inner cable and Jacket length did not match stock. None of them would allow shifting down into 1st. Ended up jb welding stock cable back together. I think all the cables are for monte carlo and cutlas shifter and not the buick.

I just reread your review. .... is the adjustment in mounting enough to match stock cable, allowing you shift down into 1st.


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If I'm not mistaken, not allowing it into first is a tell tale sign of a cable for the earlier three speed floor shifters. We've ran into that before. They look close when compared to one another but the inner cable length is different.
I need a gn yes wrong length cable inner vs outer won't work correctly.

Gn master. Well that is disapointing. I will just have to go back to trying a custom cable made. I am also strongly considering swapping to a column shifter. The stock shifter is junk and I am tired of breaking the plastic shifter handles. Drove a regal with 200r4 for years with column shift never had a issue. Have owned my we4 for 15 years and hated the shifter the whole time.


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I decided to buy the HD Mikes Montes cable a month ago. I talked to them before I bought it. MM said they had lots of TR owners using this cable. I put it in last week - does not shift into low. It is very adjustable though so I plan on working on it some more. The outside length can be adjusted. Also, there's and adjustment on the linkage attached to the transmission. This alters the length of the arm. Has anyone played with that?


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After a little messing around I got this cable to work. I changed the orientation of the machined aluminum mounting sleeves and now there's travel to spare. I'm not securing the ends of the outer section as intended but that's fine. Shifts into all gears. Really feels solid compared to the factory cable it replaced.