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Hey guys,
Do you think running 3/8 I.D. lines to a cooler would reduce the pressure in the trans? Ever since I have done it I have burnt 2 transmissions.The guy that does my trans don't seem to think it will hurt.I just want some other opinions.Thanks....


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No, putting a larger ID line in the cooler circuit will not harm anything. A smaller, more restrictive line can definitely hurt your lubrication, but you did fine.


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I agree...

You could use #8 lines(7/16) and it would help if anything. :D


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Ok, what happens to the oil pressure or flow when you go from a large tranny line to a small engine cooler line and back to a large trans line. Doesn't that restrict flow and/or pressure? Isnt
it better to keep closer to the stock size diameter hose throughout the system?


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Nope , it flows to an open source. The only thing bad would be to restrict it so no flow or reduced flow down below 1/4 inch.