Trans Cooler Lines, Crossover Pipe, Is There A Better Way?


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So I used to run braided lines but I don't remember them being so close to the crossover.

I'm thinking there's gotta be a solution here to keep them away from the crossover better.

Here are the cooler fittings on the trans side, 1/4-18 NPSM 6an

Are a couple of 45 degree fittings all I'm missing?

I currently have heat wrapping on the rubber lines but damn these are close.




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That’s a disaster waiting to happen.
The metal lines ran above the starter with a heat shield bolted to the block.
Someone makes OEM replacement lines and someone may have the heat shield.
Seams like everything hot runs down that side of the car with very little room.
I just can’t see anywhere you can run rubber line with AC box down pipe and A arm so close.
Stock line ran along the pan on two clips to the oil-pan bolts turned up by the starter agents the block one over and was very close to the crossover and header they put a heat shield



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Agreed with the notion to run steel lines. My '87 had rubber hoses that the PO put on there for some reason. Ran so close to the exhaust components that the hose was actually scorched in a few areas. That'd be quite a fire to put that feeds itself. Watch the youtube vid of that guy that does a burnout in his GN(vid from 2005) at a burnout competition. Rear trans seal took a crap and got onto the hot exhaust pipes. He shut it off so they could put the fire out. Restarts it afterwords and instant fireball again. Would hate to hear of one of our precious cars being lost to a fire.
I tried some pre bent lines, but I guess I'm dumb because I couldn't figure out how they routed...or maybe I got the wrong lines. Got a roll of steel line and hand bent it and ran it on top of the frame near the other steel lines. Double flared each end and is secure. Feel 100x better than having the rubber hose.