TR6 Roller rockers Valve covers package deal??

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Hello all. For some reason my pics wont download but pm me and I'll gladly send you some. So I decided to go a different route and have a basically new TR6 that was mounted on my car then removed. I have the extender wire so you can mount on the fender but I lost the wire that goes to the coils in my move. I'll keep looking. Have a set of T&D roller rockers 1.65 used but good condition and also some used buick low profile valve covers with LS coils mounted on them. Will also throw in the new MSD spark plug wires. Package deal is $1050 you pay shipping and PP fees.


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interested in the low profile valve covers with coils and plug any pics you can post of these parts?
Trying... for whatever reason they won't upload here on this link. It keeps thinking and won't load.. But I've had success on pm's, email and text
No body need this stuff? Here's what you would be paying if you do a quick break down.
If you bought the package deal plus shipping and I'm guessing no more then 40 to 50 in the US

TR6 + wire extender harness $425
Roller Rockers $425
Valve Covers + LS coils + spark plug wires $200


Don't worry honey this one is the last one
Can you send pics of tr6 set up to 9172995728 app not letting me see pics thx

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