TR6 Ignition, Scanmaster, AEM wideband


I have several items for sale. I am now running a holley dominator on my car with smart coils and this stuff is no longer needed.

TR6 ignition with coil, manual, cheap set of plug wires and the magnecor set. Both set works good, but I feel they would have been nicer if they were each longer. This unit has not been updated. The directions on how to do the update are on here. I went with the idea if I wasn’t having any problems; why mess with it. You must remember to change the ccci fuse with a 25amp for this unit. $475 shipped in lower 48.

Scanmaster 2.1. It still has the powerlogger chip in it, but I am including the original chip as well. Swapping the chip is super easy. $125 shipped in the lower 48

AEM inline wideband. This does not have a guage to read afr. I had a powerlogger and was able to read it from the powerlogger via the scanmaster. $75shipped lower 48.


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