Tps - Mal 22


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After owning my 84 GN for 2 weeks the famous "Service Engine" light came on. Reading through the ScanMaster it appears to be a Malfunction 22. TPS is reading low. The TPS on the ScanMaster is at 0.00. I believe thats what the number was when I got the car. I bought a Volt Meter and tested the connection. I got a reading of nothing. The Volt Meter did not catch anything. Could there be something wrong with the TPS or the TPS Connector? Or am I not using the VoltMeter correctly? Can someone post a picture of their TPS? Also, what alignment are the spark plug wires with the spark plugs? :D :D


Go to and read up on the proper procedure for checking and setting the TPS. At idle setting you should be around .44 volts and at WOT you should be around 4.3 volts. Did you have the ignition on when attempting your test? This may be why you had no reading.