Toyo Proxes TQ Experience


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So, I'm looking for a tire to run on my new GTA wheels, and the Proxes TQ's are definitely attractive for two reasons,

1 being the price, $150-160 a tire for the 275/45/16's is a win.

2 being the fact that while still a DR, they seem to have a much more streetable appearance for being friendly to cruise around with.

However, my main concern is that same street friendly appearance has me questioning its validity of being an actual drag radial, that will still hook and book!

So I'm looking for real life experiences here, people who've ran them and can give some feedback, positive or negative.



I haven't used them but I was very close to pulling the trigger on em with the points that you've made. From what i've seen on my search is if you go to the track with em you have to really heat em up.

I went with the 255/60/16 MTs from amazon for 486 to my door. I don't drive my car a whole lot and it never sees the rain.

There is one thread on em.


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Tried a set & first time on damp (not wet) spun 720*. Currently running Nitto 275 50 15.
Want to run an all weather tire, however, want 275 or 295 x 15. Only all weather in that size I find is Mickey Thompson& unable to get owner feedback. Drag radials don't like highway driving.


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I have them on a set gta wheels just for the street and they are great. Hook well when you heat them up good.

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X2, I have them on mine- no issues in 8k miles of street driving. They stick great when warm, haven't had them on the track, I use a taller 15" mickey Thompson on the track because I would run out of gear with the shorter 16" toyos. They look, fit, last and perform great in my opinion. They only take a quick burnout to heat enough to stick for stoplight hijinks. They're certainly not designed for damp or wet roads- like any drag radial


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I had a set of Toyo 315/35/17's on my 10 second all motor 01 Camaro SS and I liked them. They rode and drove well and hooked pretty good. They are not comparable to the M/T's traction wise but they are very streetable and lasted better than I expected.


i had and still have a set of them on my GTA wheels.
They hook great! i even was caught in the rain a few times, stay out of boost and you'll be ok, still have to treat it as a DR tho.
i would buy them again in the blink of an eye, probably will just running a new set up meow


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I had a set on my Regal GS, they were much better than any regular street tire but not as good as the Nitto DR's. I was running 245/45/17's