Touch Climat Control


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I wish I would have seen your post first. Now I have my a/c control panel off, radio out and the glove box removed, and for what to find I had broken the hard vacuum line on the back of the p/s vavle cover. Like you said,"Before you get digging in too far, check the vacuum line in the engine compartment...". Thanks for the post, I am sure it saved me some time.
Problem: Air blowing out defroster and floor but not vents. I've read about a hundred posts on this and still don't understand. What controls where the air is directed (vents, defroster, floor) on an 86' T-Type with the electronic touch control? The air will blow out of the defroster and the floor no matter which setting it's on. Thanks, R.B.
I have the same problem with my defrosters always on and will not switch to the vents.
I saw the one post that says check the easy things first and sure enough there appears to be a broken vacuum port near the coil pack.
You can see the hard vacuum line connection on the top has broken off.
Does anyone know what that valve is called and or where to get a new one ?