Time for Frame off.

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
all the work looks great! is it still v6 powered? how do you like those hood latches, are they a pain to set up?

I like the latches. I think they're going to work really well. I built the pins into the custom radiator core support . It looks like and I've been intending on using the stock radiator core support I could have simply close the hood drilled a guide hole through the latch into the radiator core support and mounted the latch pins into the stock radiator core support .


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Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Making progress... Body on and off with the lift while we build the cage & confirm fitment to things like the factory door panels and dash clearance. Made the halo hoop three times to get it just perfect. Room for my arm to pull the chutes and run the sifter :)
IMG_9369_2.JPG IMG_9439_3.JPG IMG_9514.JPG


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Man Sam, this thing is going to be a BEAST!
And those 315's are the cherry on top.
I'm really looking forward to seeing it completed and hauling a$$.
Everything you've done looks fantastic.



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Nice work! What motor combo are you planning to run? Are you keeping a factory headerpanel and front clip, if so I would like to know what you plan for the airdam/bumpers/fillers?

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Yes factory header panel & front clip. It's getting a VFN glass front bumper & one of the plastic one piece airdams I make.

Engine... not ready to say yet.

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Making more progress, battery and master disconnect completed, duel fuel pump mounting bracket finished, charge are pipping to the liquid cooler completed, exhaust is routed, trunk hinge mounts designed and fabricated to clear the new wheel well openings, and I think i like how the rear deck wing turned out. the deck wing will get a flat sheet of carbon fiber across the top. Here are some the latest project update pics. I think I like the stance with the 30" tall rear tires.


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Looks good Sam. How many revisions of the wing did you make before you were satisfied!?! Got any of those nice parts that were sacrificed still laying around? AL Driveshaft?

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Looks good Sam. How many revisions of the wing did you make before you were satisfied!?! Got any of those nice parts that were sacrificed still laying around? AL Driveshaft?

LOL... believe it or not or we had just has two iterations of the side spoiler wings we liked. The one on my car is the best after making and seeing both on the car. Once we figured out the correct spots to hit the aluminum with our dies to make the shape we desired, we made two more. So I have two more complete wings right now that are identical to the one on my car.

Sam Colalillo

low 9's w/ a 109
Thanks for all the compliments on the car guys. I think its time for some more updates on this this project. Chassis has officially passed NHRA tech inspection and is 25.3 certified for 6.50 or slower, at 3500 lbs or less.

Power plant was a tough choice. This is a 17,000 mile Grand National. I knew when I started this project I didn't want to start with a pie of junk car, and 7's were my real goal. The fact that I want to drive this car on the street, and have it be reliable for long trips weighed heavily on the power plant of choice.

I have made a decision on the power plant. It will have a Dart Big M block with Profiler sniper CNC ported conventional square port heads. Custom 2 3/8 header tubes that merge into a 3.5" collectors to feed into the stainless steel housings of the twin Gen2 Pro Mod 88 dual ball bearing turbos with billet wheels were fabricated . All of the plumbing is complete and Hartline performance helped me spec out the precision turbo wastegates and blow off valves for this little street kitten.

This thing is so comfy :)


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