This is what I have been doing..... A Great Feel Good Story On the News


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We ended up raising over $800.00 for him with over 8 people (Wiltonites) helping in one form or another and he has been up here to the ranch and is loving life now that he is mobile again. They did 4 more stories on this one as we assembled as well as one upon delivery. He stayed here at the house for a few days and is very happy to be mobile again.
He ended up with a new Trike,3 speed automatic which is really cool as his stolen one was a 1 speed, an LED lightingsystem, a new Kryptonite lock and a brand new Bible they took out of the basket as well. We also purchased him the 3 year full warranty and helped us by shipping it overnight and It was here on time. The deal they did about my daughter Kendra was the anchorman Dale Schornack, was touched by the fact that Kendra just turned 18 and got her own bank account and has been working for Abercrombie and Fitch. She took her FIRST ck out her own first bank account and wrote it to Jerry's plight. The anchorman thought this was special. I am so proud of her!!!. Guess I did one thing in life right as raising her has turned out a special, caring, great feeling, young beautiful lady! Any of you who knows Kendra would tell you this. Yes, again I AM A PROUD POPPA!!!
On that site that the link is tied to, search for the other stories as they followed me throughout the whole process from the first email at 11:00 (they called me back within 20 minutes at 11:30 that night) till we delivered it.
What a cool thing how a Crappy story can turn out so cool in the end.

Who would steal someones Bible? What is this world coming to?


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good god man, what kind of BS is that to take from a disabled vet. that hurt my heart to watch.

Thank you for caring for our vets, you are a good man, and so is your family. im glad to have you here.

Bruce Urie

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Yes, Bruce, you are such a good man, as well as your wonderful daughter.....I can see you raised her right.....

But I'm sure she's the way she is because she has such a fine, loving, caring father such as you....

What a wonderful thing you all did.....reading this brought such happy tears to my eyes.....I'm going to tell your story to my family on Thanksgiving.....I know they'll love it.

Thank God for people like you, Bruce, and all the kind giving and help from the others.......and about the Bible? It's just a paper can always replace a bible with another one, but the word of God will always exist , paper or no's what's in your heart about the Lord that will never be stolen.

God bless you and your family....especially your daughter.

Thanks for sure brightened my day.

Bruce '87 Grand National


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Bruce, what an awesome thing you did !! As has been stated, you raised your girl well. The board is lucky to have you...

Happy Thanksgiving



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Thanks Bruce!
just read this, and watches the video, was a heart warming story for
Thanksgiving day!
I always knew there was a reason why I considered you a friend.
I have to comment, your daughter has become " DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!"
are you sure your related to her? LOL
again thanks old fart!
Happy Turkey day!


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Just like you. That was a very nice thing you done there Bruce. It is a touching story. BTW Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.