Thinking about a '03 and up Mercury Grand Marquis

Hey all

Between work and my son's hockey stuff, I've been putting a ton of miles on my CTS-V Wagon and the F150. I was thinking of a cheap DD beater and noticed a ton of really clean 4th gen Grand Marquis' on the market for really cheap. Anyone here drive a 4th gen panther platform car and what are your thoughts? I've had a few Crown Vic rentals in the past and I really liked how they drove.

Dennis Kirban

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I guess your choice is fine but not knowing the budget you are allowing consider any honda accord 2003/2005 vintage with the 6 cylinder.....they are well built good handling back seat folds down.....some have sat radio....

high miles don;t seem to have an affect....

also hold their value....
I have sold a couple and the people that own them love them. No problem fitting hockey bags in the back unless you have a goalie or a couple Hockey tower bags!


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Check the frame under the drivers seat. My buddy had one and the body was perfect but the frame broke in half under the seat.

Nick Micale

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My father-in-law is selling his Mercury Grand Marquis which has 51k miles, he is the original owner and no longer can drive because of eye issues,

He lives in Mesa off the 101, call me if interested 602-866-9908.

It is a 2003.
I like the cars. I've had several Crown Vics over the years. My last one was a 2004 and really liked the car. The 4.6 is a solid high mileage motor.

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I'm going to to look at one or maybe 2 this weekend. Going to check out the one Nick referred me to first. Only little hoop I have right now is that State Farm wants $83 per month to insure it. Now that is with 100 deductible comp and 500 deductible collision, but my 2013 F150 is much less and my CTS-V Wagon is about the same. Makes no sense other than maybe it is because lots of teens are buying up this platform and crashing them. I was getting cold feet, but then checked around and Geico wants $53 per month for the same coverage. I'll probably drop the collision / comp since KBB is only in the low $2000 range for these cars, so what's the point? I need to call my agent today and hash things out. I called last night and got "Jake from State Farm". No joke. Just a call center guy. Maybe I'll shop around, however State Farm has been amazing on all my claims and has never hassled me on anything. Hmmm.
Well, I got my Merc. Thanks Nick!!! I really love this thing. Most people don't realize that the 4th gen of this platform have boxed frames and Watts links, so they handle pretty good and are really responsive for what they are.
Hey all. Just figured I'd update on the car. Still super happy with it and have already put 15k miles on it since I bought it last year. I've gone through and cleaned up the paint and threw on some 2013 Mustang GT wheels. I also swapped all the fluids, plugs, belt, and threw on new brakes. I have been having fun scouring the junk yards for parts and did the following upgrades:
20mm rear sway bar
Dual exhaust off a cop car
Swapped the 2.73 rear end for a 3.27 rear end off a cop car
Marauder airbox and 80mm MAF
Larger intake tube off a cop car
70mm TB off a F250
Ported the upper plenum
Custom tune
Modded the trans for firmer shifts

Although it is not fast by my standards, it can get out of it's own way now. From what I have tested with an accelerometer, I took it from a 17.1 1/4 mile car to a 15.5 1/4 mile car. Not too shabby.
It is a blast to drive since it handles really well and is livingroom comfortable.

I would recommend one of these as a DD to anyone looking for a nice car for cheap. It is also really easy to work on and much less complicated than any import or even any GM FWD car of the period for that matter.

I was averaging 18-19 when I got it. Doing the exhaust and intake actually got me to 20-21mpg. Swapping gears took me back down to 18-19. This is all mixed driving.