The "Tornado" Hype or Truth?


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I hear that the installation of the "Tornado" in the intake pipe between the MAF and the turbo (TA 49) will eliminate the part throttle turbine flutter.
Fact or fiction, before I spend a few bucks on it.


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After installing the TA49 on my car, I also had the part throttle surge, I didn't like it to much, I read about Bruces tornado remedy and decided to try it. I installed the tornado right at the inlet bell took the car for a ride and couldn't believe it, No more part throttle surge, needless to say I am happy.

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Have one here you can try...didn't work as well for me. I had a hard time getting it to stay in the hard 3 inch pipe. It was fine in the factory pipe.

Steve V

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Try ebay,I'll look for the number tonite. It's a 3inch version. I am gonna hold onto mine.


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I have 2 .. one is a Kenne Bell chrome MAF pipe with it ( KB sold these YEARS ago) $75 shipped .. other is an elbow $30 shipped


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Works good got rid of compressor surge.

Don't waste your money if you won't put it right up next to the turbo inlet. There's a few guys on here who put it in every place but where it needs to go and didn't have good results. It needs to be right up next to the inlet. It won't suddenly fall apart and mangle the turbos' compressor impellars.:eek: